Tour of Our Factory

Near the banks of the Mississippi River is the location where a family and its long time employee's have manufactured pool tables since 1850. We are located in St. Louis, MO and invite you to visit us when you are in the area. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of our guys in action.

We stock quality hard wood material

To build the best... we start with stocking high quality material, like this newly arrived maple hardwood.

We stock high quality hardwoods, inspected to insure quality

We stock a large variety of hardwoods in our factory.
All of which is inspected to insure it's high quallity.

Precision cuts start the custom building process

Getting started with precision cut, quality lumber.

Our computerized router cuts exact dimensions

Our computerized router cuts many of our parts to exact dimensions.

Cushions and rails are attached before sanding and staining process

Cushions are attached to the raw rails.

Our craftsman precisely assemble each leg by hand

Legs are glued together by hand for greater precision.

Each leg is detailed by hand to insure they meet specifications exactly

Our craftsmen detail legs and other parts during the process to be sure they meet specifications exactly.

Each pool table frame is pre-assembled to be sure each part is an exact fit

Frames are pre-assembled and any necessary adjustments are made.

Flatness is insured by using a track router

Flatness is insured by using a track router.

Our experienced craftsmen apply the penetrating stain by hand

Our talented craftsman apply the penetrating stain.

The finishing stage requires skill and experience. Each part is carefully finished

The finish is applied to each part in multiple stage process.

The finish is applied in multiple coats. Each coat is hand rubbed between applications, insuring the finest finish

After finish is sprayed on, each coat is hand rubbed with 400 grit paper for the finest finish.

The finished parts are inspected carefully by qualified and experienced craftsmen.

Only after a complete inspection and quality check is our nameplate attached. Your table is ready!