Rules for Kelly Pool

This game is played as a rotation game with 2 or more players. A bottle and tally ball set are used for the game. The tally balls (also known as peas) are numbered 1—10. The players may toss a coin, lag or draw a pea for their respective playing positions.

To begin the game: Player shakes the bottle containing all the peas. Each player draws a pea which will correspond to the numbered ball he must sink. PLAYER SHOULD KEEP THEIR NUMBER A SECRET AND GIVE THEIR PEA UP ONLY AFTER THEY ARE "KILLED OR DEAD" OR THE GAME IS WON.

To win: The player who sinks his number ball first is the winner. The winner receives 50 points from each player. If a player sinks a ball that belongs to another player during the progress of the game and before the game is over, he receives 25 points from that player. A player whose ball is sunk cannot win the game and is known as "Killed or dead". If a player still has a chance to win he is known as "alive". A "killed" player tries to prevent "alive" players from winning by sinking their numbered balls and thereby receiving 25 points from each player he "kills". In the event that all players are "dead" the game is over.